Retail Tour



In London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Amsterdam… Discover the latest innovative retail spaces, developed as part of brand strategies, that are redefining how companies do business based on establishing new relationships with target audiences.

Meet and exchange with the creators/instigators of these concepts, experiment for yourself… be inspired !

Our retail tours give you the opportunity to see, touch and try out retail propositions, discover and understand the user experiences ‘online’
and ‘off line’, low tech and high tech approaches. See for yourself some of the most remarkable seamless omni-channel approaches, then return home with a plethora of ideas to inspire business strategies and creative teams.


Retail Tours for whom ?

CEO, network directors, marketing directors, sales directors, communication directors, brand directors, innovation directors, shop managers, training managers, designers, interior designers, merchandising, e-commerce directors…

West and East Walking
Workshop Retail Tour


Made to measure


Combined retail tour, team building, creative seminars